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It's my birthday, and I cannot imagine a better way to spend it.

I became passionate about supporting foster families after hearing the stories of my friends who had served and later adopted through the program.

And then I met Aubrie Simpson-Gotham. When Aubrie founded Fostering Connections St. Johns, I watched eagerly for my chance to see how I could support her, and when the board Marketing Chair opened up, I was there.

Why is this organization so special? 

Aubrie identifies the key pieces missing in current foster family programs. She works to fill those gaps as well as provide support for anything foster families need.

From grandparent support, to helping locate needed items, to helping foster teens get critical job training, Fostering Connections plays a major role in our community.

100% of all donations will go towards supporting this amazing organization and all that they do.


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Learn more about Fostering Connections?

We have some fabulous sponsor opportunities for our upcoming events. Please check us out. 

We are always looking for supporters, volunteers, and just general  "likes" from our community.