In front of your audience, that's my happy place!

I don't just speak, I engage...

I love to be in front of a crowd, especially YOUR crowd. In fact, I have the official Master Storyteller designation. What does that mean? It means I don't just talk to your audience, but I tell stories to take them on a journey so they leave your event inspired, energized, and ready to tackle next steps.

Workshops, conferences, or intimate events - I will work with you to cater a message based on one my programs that is sure to get your audience on their feet and ready to be some of your biggest fans!

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Why your "why" is all you need!

In this talk we dig into why knowing your "why" is critical to your business success. This is a great model for workshops or group settings where your audience can work on their why during the talk and leave with a clear focus to immediately improve their messaging.

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Why you need to Curate YOU!

This topic is perfect for any sized audience. We cover the 5 steps in my proven Curate YOU! program - courage, consciousness, confidence, charisma and connection.  Audience members leave with quick wins to change their life and how they make connections in the world.


The Art of Meaningful Connections

Did you know there are 5 mistakes that can stop a potentially awesome connection from going anywhere? I walk your audience through what those are, how to avoid them, and what do do instead so they can make meaningful connections that could change their lives.


How a connection strategy is your key to success!

We write marketing strategies, financial strategies, and even hiring strategies - but do you have a connection strategy? In this session, I walk your audience through what one is, how to build it, and the steps to get started TODAY! Don't do business without one of these.

Just a few of the organizations that have invited me to speak.

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Don't see what you are looking for?

Then let's get together and "Curate" your topic from my wide knowledge base. As a coach to business start-ups, I have a wealth of information from how to get started, marketing in a social media world, and how to know your business idea will work. 

Reach out and let's get started!

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